Bank card payment feature

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Dear Customers,


The Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency launches a new service for direct bank card payments for reference excerpts and services ordered through our CAIS portal.


The service has been implemented through the Environment for digital payments to providers of electronic administrative services. The new bank card payment feature facilitates users of the portal by providing them with the option to rapidly charge their profile (KNIK) accounts, or execute payments for services and reference excerpts, without waiting for 3 working days for confirmation approval of the attached payment receipt, as the current applicable procedure is with regard to payments via traditional bank transfers.


Payments for services and inquiries are accessible via the “Pay” button and selecting “Payment by bank card” from the drop-down list. Charging of a profile (KNIK) account is accessible via the menu "Personal profile"> "Account"> "Charge account using epay / bank card”.