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Name Application of changes in the cadastral map (CM)
Наименование, съгласно Регистъра на услуги "1016. Application of changes in the cadastral map"
Legal act art. 51 and art. 53 of the Law on Cadastre and Property Register Act (CPRA); Art. 56 and Art. 57 of Ordinance № 3 of 28.04.2005 for content creation and maintenance of cadastral map and cadastral registers; Art. 35, para. 1 and Article 48, Paragraph 3, Item 1 of the Tariff № 14 for the fees that are collected by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the district governors.
Competence dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency / Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Offices
Mandatory documents Application; A copy of the documents of title or right of construction; Certificate of inheritance or attorney when the application is submitted respectively by the treasurer or by an authorized person; Protocol by checking the draft amendment of the cadastral map with control software (Test service Checking with control software, including the issuance of this document); Document for paid fee.
Delivery Method Of place in the reception of GCCO; Electronically.
Price The service is free
Execution Period up to 14 days
Note ATTENTION! The service can be requested ONLY by persons who have electronic signature;
Workflow The application shall be submitted by an interested party or his representative and shall be addressed to Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Office (GCCO) as per the location of the property. If the general and specific requirements for the content of the application and is accompanied by the required documents, the request is registered in the book-keeping system. Chief of GCCO resolves the application for service implementation and submits it to the officer who will conduct the service. The application of the amendments to the cadastral map is approved by order of the chief of GCCO. The order is subject to reporting under the Civil Code and to appeal within the prescribed in art. 54, para. 2 LCPR period. In the case of omissions and errors GCCO issues an act for errors and omissions, subject to notification of the property owner and all interested parties of the change. Upon signing the act of omissions and errors of all stakeholders, chief GCCO issues an order under art. 54 LCPR amending the cadastral map. The change is applied in the cadastral map of the entry into force of the order. In case of disagreement by either of the parties concerned to sign the act of incomplete and error GCCO issue refusal to perform the requested amendment. The denial may be appealed in court, in which case the amendment of the cadastral map is made after the entry into force of a court decision to the amendment of the cadastral map. Documents on which the amendments have been made in the cadastral map is stored in a file for each property affected by the change. If the application is deficient (moot by the applicant, or the record of the inspection is refused or not paid the fee), the administrative authority shall notify the applicant with instructions to remedy the deficiency within three days (art. 30, para. 2 by APC). When submitting a new application for service, after removal of the cause of the failure, no fee will be charged again.