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Service Parameters Description
Name in Service Register 1653. Issuance of a combined sketch
Legal act Law on Cadastre and Property Register - Art. 55, para. 2 Ordinance № PD-02-20-4 of 11.10.2016 on the provision of services from the cadastral map and cadastral registers - Art. 7, para. 1, item 5, Annex №2, Table 9 Decree № 293 of 08.11.2016 amending and supplementing Tariff № 14 for fees collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the regional governors, adopted by Decree № 175 of the Council of Ministers of 1998 - Art. 47
Competence Dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency / Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Offices
Mandatory documents 1. Application; 2. Document / data for paid fee. The application should indicate the combination of data that the applicant wishes to receive.
Delivery Method The application is submitted through the web portal for online services - KAIS (registration in the portal is required), through SЕSS or at the counter of the center of administrative office. The application is filled in electronically by an employee - no pre-filled application is required.
Price For a simple service BGN 25 For fast service BGN 50 In case the service is requested and received electronically (requested with a qualified electronic signature), the service fee is reduced by 30%. The service fee is prepaid. The term for performance of the service starts running after payment of the due state fee.
Execution Period Ordinary service - 7 working days; Fast service - 3 working days
Note Before requesting the service, you should make an inquiry by e-mail or at a counter in the Administrative Service Centre of the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Office (GGCC) where the property is located, about the availability in the respective GGCC of the data and materials that are necessary for the preparation of the combined sketch you have requested. In case the SSKC does not have the data and materials necessary for the preparation of the combined sketch you have requested, you may apply to a competent cadastral person who, according to Art. 16, par. 3 of the Land Registration Act. A list of persons entitled to carry out cadastral activities is published on the website of the State Cadastral Register Office at: