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Service Parameters Description
Name in Service Register 1684. Provision of a graphic copy of the cadastral map or parts of it
Legal act Art. 55, Para 1-5 of the Cadastre and Property Register Act; Art. 41, Para 1 (in the revision of Tariff No 14 – State Gazette, Issue 14, 2015) and § 3, Para 2 of the Additional and Concluding Provisions of Resolution No 293/November 8, 2016 – the service is provided in compliance with the described conditions until December 31, 2020
Competence Dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency (GCCA) / Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Offices (GCCOs)
Mandatory documents Application; Document/data for a paid fee IMPORTANT NOTICE: The application has to include data on the area or property identifiers for which the service is requested; alternatively, a graphic file in CAD 4 format has to be attached. All data have to be archived in *.rar format and attached
Delivery Method On site at the reception of the regional GCCO; Web-based through CAIS Portal of GCCA; By a courier service (all related courier taxes are to be covered by the applicant)
Price Ordinary service – 2.00 BGN per square decimeter, 10.00 BGN minimum payable fee per copy; Fast service – doubled the indicated fee payable for ordinary service
Execution Period Ordinary service – 7 working days; fast service – 3 working days The fee is payable in advance. The time period for execution of the service begins from the date of payment of the due state fee.The period for the performance of the services shall commence on the day following the day on which the application is registered and shall expire at the end of the last working day of the period. Where the period expires on a non-working day, the period shall expire on the following working day.
Note The service may be requested and received by any interested party, regardless of whether the party is the property owner or not.
Workflow A copy of the cadastral map or part of it in graphic form with data for the urbanized and non-urbanized areas may be provided for the territory of the country with an approved cadastral map. The application may be submitted through the CAIS Portal of GCCA (a registration is required) or on site at a regional GCCO of choice, independent on the property location. When applying through the CAIS Portal, the application has to be signed with a qualified electronic signature. When applying for the service on site at a GCCO, the application is filled in electronically by an employee of the respective GCCO – no provisionally filled application is required in such cases. If the general and specific requirements for the application contents are met, and it is supplemented by the required documentation, the request is registered in the records-keeping system. The Head of the GCCO, or another expert employee authorized by the Head of the GCCO, resolves the application for service implementation and submits it to the officer in charge of conducting the service. In cases of flaws in the application, the administrative body notifies in written the applicant, with further instructions on resolving the deficiencies in a 14-day period (Art. 19, Para 2 of Ordinance No RD-02-20-4/October 11, 2016 for Provision of services from the cadastral map and the cadastral registers – e.g., the applicant has not specified the area od interest, or the size of the payable fee is incorrectly calculated). The time period for pronouncement begin to run from the date on which the irregularities are remedied. After preparing the requested graphic copy of the cadastral map or parts of it, is delivered to user in the manner requested. When submitting an application that provides new data and documents required to eliminate any deficiencies identified, no fees are charged again. Exceptions are cases in which incorrectly calculated state fees indicated as a deficiency and therefore a relevant surcharge is due by the applicant.