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Service Parameters Description
Name in Service Register 1698. Provision of a copy of an archival cadastral and / or regulatory plan
Legal act Law on Geodesy and Cartography - Art. 22 Law on Cadastre and Property Register - Art. 12, item 3 Tariff № 14 for fees, which are collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the regional governors (adopted by CMD № 175 of 05.08.1998) - Art. 49 and, para. 1, item 23, and para. 2
Competence Dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency - Geocartfund/Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Offices
Mandatory documents Application. Special requirements for the content of the application - it is obligatory to indicate: - for archival plans in agricultural lands: name of the plan or classifier from KAIS-Portal, number of cadastral list, scope of the copy (eg the whole cadastral list or part determined by property number or area around a mill, catchment or other unambiguously identified object); - for archival cadastral and zoning plans of settlements: name of settlement and year of entry into force of the plan or classifier of KAIS-Portal, scope of the copy (eg the whole plan or part determined by district and property number or scope around a church, school, community center or other unambiguously identified object).
Delivery Method - On site in the administrative unit of the Geocard Fund; - Electronically via e-mail - or via the online application form; - Through the Cadastral-administrative information system KAIS; - Through a licensed postal operator of choice and at the expense of the applicant; - Through the Secure Electronic Service System (SESS).
Price BGN 2.00 per square decimeter, but not less than 6 sq. Dm. In case the service is requested and received only electronically, the fee is reduced by 30%.
Execution Period Up to 14 days from the date of payment of the due fee.The period for the performance of the services shall commence on the day following the day on which the application is registered and shall expire at the end of the last working day of the period. Where the period expires on a non-working day, the period shall expire on the following working day.
Note The service is received in the way requested by the user: - On site at the administrative unit for servicing the Geocard Fund; - Through a licensed postal operator of choice and at the expense of the applicant. - E-mail, to the e-mail address indicated by the applicant.
Workflow The applicant receives: a main file in TIFF format, containing the scanned archival cadastral and zoning plan (CRP) of the settlement or archival cadastral plan in agricultural lands, or parts (excerpts) thereof; file corresponding to the content of the main, but with data for name, scale, order number, year of approval, part (where applicable) of the plan, as well as data for the registration number of the application for which the service is provided, names and position of the employee who made the service and date of making. In cases where an excerpt from the PRC is requested, a file in TIFF or JPEG format shall be provided, containing a copy of the scanned plan in the part where the data for the order number and year of approval of the plan are written. The files are certified with an electronic signature.