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Name Registration of qualified legal entity and opening an account
Наименование, съгласно Регистъра на услуги "62. Registration of persons qualified to engage in the cadastre"
Legal act Art. 18 of the Law on Cadastre and Land Registry; Art. 11 and Art. 12 of Ordinance № 3 of 16.02.2001 on keeping and maintaining the register of persons authorized to engage in cadastre.
Competence dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency
Mandatory documents Application; Judgment / certificate of registration of the legal entity in the commercial register of activity under Art. 17, para. 1, item 2 of the CPRA - original or certified copy; Certificate from the commercial register of current status of legal person - the original or a certified copy; Identification card / certificate of registration in the Us - copy; NRA certificate for the number of persons insured under a contract of employment within the legal person, original; List of permanent staff dedicated to the entity containing the full name, ID number, major, position held.
Delivery Method Of place in the GCCA; Electronically; Courier service option and expense of the applicant.
Price No charge.
Execution Period 30 days of receiving the application.
Note -
Workflow The application shall be submitted by an interested party or his representative and shall be addressed to the Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Office (GCCO) as per the location of the property. If the general and specific requirements for the content of the application and is accompanied by the required documents, the request is registered in the book-keeping system. The application shall be submitted to a commission appointed by the Executive Director of the AGCC. The Commission shall examine the documents and issue report which describes the decisions. Based on the documents and decisions, the registration of the eligible person shall be made.