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Name Issuance of license
Наименование, съгласно Регистъра на услуги "808. Issuance of license"
Legal act Art. 13, para. 1 of Ordinance № 3 of 16.02.2001 on keeping and maintaining the register of persons authorized to engage in cadastre; Аrt. 49к, para. 1 of the Tariff № 14 on the fees collected by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and the district governors.
Competence dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency
Mandatory documents Application; Payment document.
Delivery Method Of place in the GCCA; Courier service option and expense of the applicant.
Price Ordinary service - 8.00 BGN.
Execution Period 7 days
Note -
Workflow For this purpose, a qualified person shall submit an application form, photo and payment document in primate expert on the register of qualified persons in the GCCA. The expert checks the capacity of the person in the register and register the application. Then prepare the document (certificate and / or card) and then print the relevant form. When the documents are ready, informed expert qualified person via email or phone and specify the day and hour of service. License and / or certification card is awarded in person at the office of the register of qualified persons in the GCCA.