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Service Parameters Description
Name in Service Register 380. Summarized written excerpt from the personal files of multiple qualified individuals/legal entities based on a selected criterion
Legal act Art. 18, Para 2 of Ordinance № 3/February 16, 2001 for maintenance and repository of the register of individuals and legal entities certified to perform cadastral activities; Art. 49k, Item 6 of Tariff № 14 for the fees collected in the system of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and by the regional governors
Competence Dept Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency (GCCA)
Mandatory documents Application; document for a paid fee
Delivery Method On site at the GCCA; by courier service (all related courier taxes are to be covered by the applicant)
Price Ordinary service - 10.00 BGN.
Execution Period Up to 7 days.The period for the performance of the services shall commence on the day following the day on which the application is registered and shall expire at the end of the last working day of the period. Where the period expires on a non-working day, the period shall expire on the following working day.
Workflow The qualified individual/representative of the legal entity applies on site at the GCCA or online through the Cadastral Administrative Information System (CAIS) Portal of GCCA, by submitting an application compliant to the approved example. The application shall be accompanied by a document for paid state fees. When the excerpt is ready, the applicant is notified by the GCCA expert in charge, by e-mail or by a telephone call, about the date and time of the excerpt handover. The excerpt is delivered in person to the applicant on site at the GCCA, or gets sent via a courier service (all related courier taxes are to be covered by the applicant).